Presentation On Power BI and SQL 2016

Many thanks to all you who heard me present at SQL Relay 2016 in Nottingham, UK.

I am updating my slides in the evenings and weekends due to the exciting and every changing world of Power BI

I have updated  the following link with my latest slides; –
It’s getting more difficult to present the existing content within the typical 60 minute slot offered. So I intend to split this presentation into several smaller and more detailed presentations with headings similar to the following …

1) Different Methods Of Querying Data In A Tabular Format Within PowerBI

2) Overview of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Architecture and Data Life Cycle

3) Power BI Gateway set up with on premises server data source.

4) Power BI Gateway setup with Azure data source.

5) Creating and Optimising DAX using DAX Studio.

6) Choosing the right chart types in Power BI

A mixture of the content will continue to be freely available. Some of the content will be available via

So I will continue to strive to create original content which does not overlap with the free resources described within the following link .. Power BI Free Demonstration and Resources


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