DAX Basic Reference

Power BI is causing a revolution in the world of data analytics mainly because it is feature rich, has a low cost and a high degree of synergy with other products such as Excel online, SSRS and R.

For some people the barrier to pick up Power BI is learning the Power BI language DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions).

To hold down a very intense contract on Power BI (backed up with 3 Linkedin recommendations on http://www.linkedin.com/in/kieranpatrickwood) I created a Word document where I documented the most commonly used DAX commands that I used within this contract. So when I received a new business requirement which I needed to implement in DAX in the first instance I re-read and updated this Word document to gain an idea of which DAX function I should use. I also looked at other resources such as those listed within … http://www.innovativebusinessintelligence.com/Resources.

In the interests of serving the Power BI community and saving people from going through the pain I went through I have converted this Word document to a web page http://www.innovativebusinessintelligence.com/DAXReference .

Of course the above is a work in progress as my knowledge and experience of DAX grows. As always your constructive feedback is appreciated.


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