SQL Server 2016 Step-By-Step: Installing a Free Evaluation

This new version of SQL Server has more of an emphasis on data science. Consequently, there are a few extra steps to take than previous recent versions of SQL Server. SQL 2016 is a very exciting product.

These instructions focus on the virtual traditional box installation as opposed to the Azure / Cloud route. I personally like the box installation since I don’t need to rely on an internet connection to use the product.

This tutorial gives step by step instructions for installing an evaluation license of SQL 2016 within an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2012 where this server operating system is delivered from Hyper V Manager from Windows 10 on my laptop with 8Gb of RAM.

Please find these instructions on the following link; – link


Please consider a recommendation to Microsoft regarding SSRS

The ability to compare and contrast a main chart with another user selected chart is an important business intelligence dashboard feature facilitating business decisions by enabling the business user to identify trends in data.
In the context of SSRS the main chart is held within the parent SSRS report and the charts to be compared against are held within sub reports.
When you dynamically select a sub report at run time all the sub reports associated with the current parent report are also refreshed, even if they are currently hidden. This can potentially cause very negative performance for highly interactive dashboard charts for very large data sets.
My proposed solution is; – When the refresh of a container is triggered (e.g. view of a parent SSRS report) the underlying data sets of the hidden child containers (e.g. child / sub SSRS reports) should not be refreshed as the default behaviour.
I have spent many months documenting this recommendation including a work around. Please have a look at the following link; – http://innovativebusinessintelligence.com/HCIEpisodes/DataSetQueryingonUserSelectedReports/tabid/95/Default.aspx
If you agree with my recommendation then cast your vote on the following link; –
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Human Computer Interaction Episodes with Business Value

A structural summary of the Human Computer Interaction Episodes is now available on; – http://innovativebusinessintelligence.com.dnnmax.com/HCIEpisodes/tabid/97/Default.aspx

The HCI episodes are; –
1) Compare and contrast user dynamically selected sub reports against a main report.
2) Analyse Percentages in an aggregated SSRS report source from a Cube.
3) Managing Partitions for a Data Warehouse and Cube.

The first episode is almost complete on; –

Dissertation Abstract Launched

The abstract of the dissertation “Researching, Evaluating and Developing New Cognitive Human Computer Interaction Methodologies within Business Intelligence” has been published.
Please click on the following link which gives an overview of the dissertation and how you may benefit from getting involved with the research and feedback of this dissertation; – http://innovativebusinessintelligence.com.dnnmax.com/DissertationAbstract/tabid/94/Default.aspx

Researching, Evaluating and Developing New Cognitive Human Computer


Researching, Evaluating and Developing New Cognitive Human Computer Interaction Methodologies within Business Intelligence.

Looking for research participants for my MSc Dissertation. Research participant candidates will ideally have commercial experience of SSRS 2012 querying large MDX data sets or be stakeholders in this technology. Offering four hours free consultancy to each client stakeholder organisation who has at least one fully engaged participant.

Please e-mail me at Kieran@innovativebusinessintelligence.com

As a pre-cursor to the above research I have migrated the Adventure Works Sample SSRS reports to SQL Server 2014; – https://advworks2012sssrs.codeplex.com/

This blog will be focusing on the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Stack, analysis and recommending user interface changes. Please watch this space!